What to do in Petra Lesvos

Petra is located on the North of the island, 63 Khms. and about 1 hour’s drive from the capital Mytilene. You can reach Lesvos by plain or ferry and then catch a local bus from Mytilene, take a taxi or rent a car in order to go to Petra. Should you wish to take the bus, you must go to the main bus stop (LESVOS KTEL) located at the centre of Mytilene. The new Schengen Gate in Petra is open from the 1st of April till the end of November, so travellers from Turkey can come to Petra direct. Visit Lesvos – Hotel Defkalion

All flights to Lesvos are to Mytilene Airport “Odysseas Elytis” (MJT). There are domestic flights that connect Lesvos to Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Crete. There are also direct flights to Lesvos from the U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Serbia, The Czech republic, Slovenia, Denmark and Sweden. Lesvos can be reached by ferry from Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Chios and other islands. You can also reach Mytilene by boat from Ayvalik, Turkey and Petra from Turkey.

It is 114 steps up to the Church of Glykofilousa Panagia. But the view will put a smile on your face. From there you can see the long sandy beach with the taverna’s, hotels and café’s just waiting for your call. The Vareltzidenas Mansion, a traditional architectural jewel with tapestries from the 18th century is just around the corner where the traditional market starts with beautiful shops, restaurants and bars. Visit the sandy beaches of Anaxos and Avlaki with great taverna’s on the beach. Walk or cycle around the sign posted paths to Petri, Lafiona, Ligones and Vafios. Do some scuba diving and sailing around the north coast or take the boat and visit Molyvos and Skala Skamia. Visit Lesvos – Hotel Defkalion.

source: theotheraegean.com

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