Hotel Defkalion is in Petra, located in the north of Lesvos. As with every other village on the island of Lesvos, Petra has its own style and a charming individuality.

The area of Petra has been inhabited since ancient times, as can be seen from the tombs revealed on the Keramidaria site. According to legend, Achilles anchored here in the immense bay of Petra on his way to the Trojan War. Put in simple terms, this is a village by the sea, built on a flat plain around a tall rock and so much more.

Although smaller than Molyvos, just 4km further to the north along the coastal road which connects them, Petra is similar in many ways with small streets of cobbled stone and hidden treasures. Shopping is good leisure in Lesvos, with many small galleries and gift shops as well as a local Ouzo distillery, bars and restaurants. For the young at heart there are also a few nightclubs to make the most of your greek island holidays.

There is also a workshop which makes jewellery and small objects from olive tree wood as well as the 17th century house of the Vareltzidaina family which is currently being renovated.